16th February 2021

January 3, 2020 - We recently got in touch with the team at Endoca. Below is our Q & A interview with their Customer Experience Manager, Leora Erlichman-Gross. Endoca is well known for:

endoca cbd interview

Can you give us a brief history about Endoca?

While studying Biotechnology and Genetics in Denmark over a decade ago, Endoca CEO and founder Henry Vincenty became more and more intrigued by the growing amount of cannabis advocates making waves in the US. He was fascinated by the research and personal anecdotes about cannabis compounds as a therapy for a plethora of health issues, and became determined to discover the potential of cannabinoids in medicine. After many years of research Henry opened up a free natural medicine clinic in Denmark, focussing on plant medicine and alternative solutions that could save the lives of many. As his clinic became more popular,, Henry began charging a small fee for the CBD hemp oil he made in order to allow further research and to make improvements to his products. From this, Endoca was founded and became the very first company in the world to sell CBD online. Henry hasn’t strayed from his roots either, by continuing to provide thousands of people with the highest quality hemp extract in the world, and even founded the Endoca Foundation in order to help those access the CBD products they need. 


What differentiates Endoca from other CBD products out there?

We are years ahead in our CBD extract development, so have a comprehensive understanding of our products and the hemp plant. Because of our humble beginnings as a free natural medicine clinic, we are also still very much involved with the people who use our products on a day to day basis, which has informed us greatly of the needs within and outside of our great community. We are also one of the very few companies that solely use hemp for our oils and extracts. We do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers. Our oils are made of 100% hemp, and that’s it.


What are some recent achievements by Endoca?

We have always believed that medicine comes in all forms, one of the most important being the food that you eat. So, we created an organic, plant extracted Raw Supplements range that could be used in conjunction with our CBD products, to help our customers approach their health in the most holistic way possible. The Endoca Raw Supplements range includes our Vitamins and Minerals for a boost of Vitamin C, Hemp Protein Powder and organic Hemp Seed oil, that can be easily and simply included in your daily regimen. We’ve had fantastic feedback from customers whom are absolutely loving the results they’re getting using Endoca’s Raw Supplements range in conjunction with their Endoca CBD products.


Take us through the process of developing your first product?

It was really about getting the cleanest extract possible, and ensuring that it was safe and healthy enough to to be taken by individuals who may have a weakened immune system already. Many methods of extracting the essence of natural plant matter involve using harsh solvents or infusing with oils, however in order to get the most out of this incredible plant, using Co2 extraction was really the best and only option for us. With all that in mind, our focus was on creating a product with no additives, so creating an extract of sub par quality was just not an option; we could not hide behind artificial flavours and fragrances. The rest was a matter of trial and error and seeing what worked and didn’t, which in the end was something only our customers could decide. 

What has been the biggest challenge of Endoca so far? How did you overcome it?

Depending on where you’re from, accessing high quality products can be quite difficult, especially when research and legislation are not as fast moving as the needs of everyday people. So, for us our challenges are based heavily on the whims of parliamentarians. The need for the legislature to be passed which would ensure the safety of consumers is also of paramount importance, but the speed at which this is progressing has allowed for unsafe and unregulated products to proliferate in the market. Until then, overcoming these challenges really only requires Endoca to maintain the highest quality products and continuing to be leaders for setting the highest industry standards. We like to think that our products speak for themselves.


Can you briefly explain how Australians can access Endoca products?

Australia currently only allows those with a prescription to purchase CBD products. While the process is becoming easier as more doctors become registered prescribers, it can be quite difficult to even find a doctor who can prescribe hemp or cannabis products. As it stands, those who want to purchase CBD in Australia must visit their doctor and, if you have a qualifying health condition, can be prescribed CBD through the Special Access Scheme (SAS). If your doctor is not registered to prescribe cannabis and hemp products, they may apply for this though their relevant state or territory. Thankfully Endoca products are available through the Special Access Scheme, so our products may be prescribed by Australian doctors, no fuss. Safe access to cannabis products in Australia is nowhere near where many would like it to be, and the lengthy wait can be incredibly tedious and downright torturous for some, but consistent pressure on those in power from those who need it most is the only way toward freer access to this natural plant.


Which product(s) is your most popular? Why is this so?

Our 15% RAW CBD hemp oil contains CBDa + CBD along with a plethora of other cannabinoids and other hemp compounds, which has proven to be a favourite for many. It is also a highly concentrated product, meaning you need not fill your mouth with oil to get the benefits you need. The reason the RAW products are so popular is in part due to the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts i.e all the hemp compounds combined work together more effectively to produce the best results. This is in stark contrast to many CBD brands that use isolated CBD, which is CBD without any plant compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, waxes and other components of the hemp plant. This idea is what is referred to as the entourage effect, and is the basis behind how we create and produce CBD products for our customers.


From the enquiries that you receive, what are the most common health conditions that people face?

CBD interacts with the body in a complex way so it can be difficult to pinpoint specific conditions that CBD may or may not target. In saying that, due to the incredible amount of publicity CBD received over its perceived affect on pain perception we generally receive large amounts of enquiries on how CBD may help for pain related issues. This could be issues with chronic illness that causes pain and inflammation, cancer symptoms or other health conditions. Other common enquiries revolve around stress and anxiety along with other mental health conditions.


What future challenges do you anticipate for Endoca?

Due to the constantly evolving laws and regulations around cannabis and hemp related products, a lot of our focus goes into preempting possible changes in country and state laws. This has been an issue since the very beginning, but as more research comes out about cannabis, CBD and other cannabinoids, we have found that these challenges are becoming less of an issue than they were in the beginning. For this reason we always advise our community to do their own research and ask questions to their local governments, doctors and community in order to help promote progress in research and funding into cannabinoids.


Where do you see the future of the Australian medical cannabis industry heading? And the Australian cannabis industry in general?

The uses of cannabis are undeniably diverse, and the current Australian government has taken a small look into the potential of cannabis as a therapeutic agent. It’s hard to say how long it may take, but it would seem that Australia may follow on the same path as their American counterparts. When it comes to cannabis and hemp outside of the medical scope,  the cannabis industry at large has undeniably major economic potential, especially when you look at Australia’s current climate. Hemp grows well in drought, and would provide many current farmers with an incredible opportunity to slide into a high reward industry from one–the dairy industry–which requires heavy government subsidisation as it is. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Australia becoming leaders in hemp materials as an alternative to many current unecological standards. This could mean a new industry of innovation for Australia in manufacturing hemp building materials, hemp paper alternatives, hemp plastics, hemp fuel and much more. This untapped potential is just waiting for commercialisation.


If you could choose one, what is the most interesting discovery or fact of medical cannabis that you would like to share?

Perhaps the most well known but still the most interesting discovery is that of the Endocannabinoid system. The discovery of a homeostatic regulator that is present within all vertebrate animals, including humans, and works symbiotically with cannabis–nature’s most diverse and useful plants–has invariably changed our understanding of what the future of medicine might be.


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