16th February 2021

November 19, 2019
CBD Assist recently got in contact with Down To Earth. Below is our short Q & A interview with their Co-Founder.
Down To Earth’s experience are rooted in aromatherapy, plant medicine and botanical formulations and has established itself with the heartfelt desire to bring natural healing and awareness of the rich and vibrant health that CBD may provide.

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Can you give us a brief history about Down To Earth?

Down To Earth’s original insight and understanding about the power of cannabis and CBD birthed in 2011. Knowledge transferred to the commencement of Down To Earth as a dedicated quality provider of CBD products in March 2018. In addition, experience in aromatherapy, the power of synergy and botanical interactions led to our unique skincare and edibles range.


What differentiates Down To Earth from other CBD products out there?

Our responsive customer service, wide range of products, consistent supply and all of DTE products are made completely in-house.


What are some recent achievements by Down To Earth?

A number of medical professionals are recommending our products to their patients and we hear this first hand and via patient word of mouth. One key medical professional is highly using our entire range for an illness and seeing recovery, without needing hard and heavy medications, out of which is also then sharing this with many patients.


Take us through the process of developing your first product?

Full spectrum CBD oil: We started with the basic prototype using GMP certified raw material and organic carrier oils, and through market demand, developed into what it is today.


What has been the biggest challenge of Down To Earth so far? How did you overcome it?

E-Commerce Payment processing capabilities. We overcame months of hard work finding the right supplier after hiccups and closed doors to non-supportive providers.


Which product(s) is your most popular? Why is this so?

Full Defence 1000 – Full spectrum CBD oil: Sufficient strength at the right price.
Iso 1000 – THC free CBD oil: Highly effective, cost effective. Ability to use CBD without the worry of drug tests.
Bliss Balm – Full spectrum CBD balm: Immediate targeted relief. Fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain sufferers are greatly helped.


From the enquiries that you receive, what are the most common health conditions that people face?

Chronic pain, cancer & cancer symptoms, anxiety & depression and insomnia. Most, if not all conditions or symptoms people raise, come from one of these four groups.


What future challenges do you anticipate for Down To Earth?

As expected, legalities are a known roadblock. Also the ability to freely market and advertise across known platforms can cause companies like us to do things differently.


Where do you see the future of the Australian medical cannabis industry heading? And the Australian cannabis industry in general?

Overly controlled cannabis industry ruled by the Pharmaceutical industry with little to no rights for private companies to fully operate as a legitimate CBD business. There will be tight regulations and the pathway will be paved slowly.

Many “controversial online” retailers will grow and the industry will move regardless.


If you could choose one, what is the most interesting discovery or fact of medical cannabis that you would like to share?

The magical interaction between cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids work like clock-work just like a music symphony. Having said that, the therapeutic value of isolated cannabinoids can have just as much far reaching benefits as the whole plant. We see this in many reviews. The beauty of cannabinoids can understand your cannabinoid deficiency and feed your ECS with what it needs. Marvellous.


For more information visit: https://www.downtoearth.green/


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