17th February 2021

November 5, 2020
Our team recently got in touch with Australian Cannabis Clinics, located in Mascot, New South Wales.  See our interview below

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1. Can you give us a brief history about Australian Cannabis Clinics?

We opened our flagship clinic in Sydney in Jan 2020 and started offering telehealth nationally soon after that. Our aim is to provide affordable, safe and personalised treatment by utilising the vast experience of our advisory board and learning from the experience of our patients.


2. What differentiates Australian Cannabis Clinics?

Our focus is personalised service and specialised knowledge. We're a small clinic that provides a very tailored approach. Our advisory board consists of experienced cannabis clinicians from Canada, where over 350,000 patients are already using medical cannabis, and we are utilizing this vast experience and knowledge to fast track better outcomes for patients here in Australia. We also use a unique EMR system that's focused on patient reported outcomes and collect patient outcome data in a clinically validated way. This allows us to better track treatment efficacy so that future patients can more easily find targeted formulations suited for their individual needs.


3. What has been the biggest challenge for Australian Cannabis Clinics in the medical cannabis industry so far? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge has been breaking down the stigma around cannabis and getting doctors to view it as a potential medicine instead of just a recreational drug. This is a constant challenge and we overcome it via education and good patient outcomes.


4. Can you briefly explain how Australians can access medical cannabis through Australian Cannabis Clinics?

The first step towards becoming a patient at Australian Cannabis Clinics is to have a GP or Specialist review and complete our referral form. Our medical team then reviews the referral information and our intake specialist will then book an initial consultation appointment with our doctor who will determine if medical cannabis is appropriate for the patient. If so, our doctor will then prepare and submit an application to the TGA for approval. Once approved, our doctor will then write a script for the medication that patients can fill at the pharmacy.


5. Which medical cannabis product(s) are the most common? Why is this so?

The most common products are the balanced and CBD dominant oils as opposed to pure CBD. Evidence suggests some THC is beneficial for pain relief and it is thought that the entourage effect plays a beneficial role with full spectrum products. Oil is the easiest to administer and titrate.


6. From the enquiries that you receive, what are the most common health conditions that people face?

The majority of patients are using medical cannabis to treat chronic pain. There is a growing base of patients also finding it useful for mental health issues like anxiety and depression.


7. What future challenges do you anticipate for Australian Cannabis Clinics in the Australian medical cannabis industry?

The high price of medication is an issue for many patients. We hope to see prices come down as more competition enters the market and health insurers start to cover the cost of the medication as some have started doing in countries such as Canada.


8. Where do you see the future of the Australian medical cannabis industry heading? And the Australian cannabis industry in general?

Most doctors are still not open to utilising medical cannabis as a therapeutic option. We think over time medical cannabis will continue to lose its stigma and increasingly be adopted as another potential option in a doctor’s tool kit.


9. If you could choose one, what is the most interesting discovery or fact of medical cannabis that you would like to share?

The US government holds a patent for CBD and other cannabinoids as a treatment for various conditions.


For more information visit: https://www.auscannabisclinics.com.au/